Watch: A compilation of Trevor Noah's 'accents of the world' [video]

in Videos Comedy Central UK/YouTube Comedy Central UK recently shared a compilation of Trevor Noah doing ‘accents of the world’ on The Daily Show. It comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever watched one of Trevor’s shows that he can do almost any accent. Together with the video, Comedy Central UK asked; “Trevor is a man of many talents, one of his best is mimicking any accent perfectly. Which accent did he do best?” Watch: Trevor Noah’s Accents Of The World | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Which one do you think he does best? Also read : Trevor Noah will never let biltong go to waste Trevor shares quite a lot of interesting stories from his childhood on The Daily Show’s between-the-scenes segments. In another clip, Trevor explained that his grandmother’s memory is bulletproof. Also read : Ricky Gervais owns up to his Trump tweet addiction on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah After airing an exclusive interview with his grandmother in 2018, the audience asked Trevor how his grandmother is doing. “Oh, she’s fantastic man,” Trevor says in the clip. “91-years-old and ten months…yeah she makes me count the years in months as well.” When asked if she ever cooks for Trevor he says no she just enjoys ‘being alive’. “All she does is she chills at home…she’s got her squad of grannies. And they all just come and hang out. They are like a weird team of superheroes, they all have their own specialties.” Noah’s grandmother’s ‘speciality’, according to the comedian, is that she has a great memory. “So all her friends ask her things they’ve forgotten about in life.” Some of her friends even asks her where they met their husbands. Watch: Trevor Noah’s Grandma Never Forgets

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