Would You Ever Volunteer Abroad?

Lifestyle • Travel Would You Ever Volunteer Abroad? How do you think you would cope waking up in a foreign country, surrounded by not only people that you don’t know but who you do not speak the same language as? It would put you out of your comfort zone slightly, wouldn’t it? Hundreds and thousands of willing volunteers do this every year and while they all admit it is one of the most challenging things they have ever done, it is also the most rewarding. To put the what-ifs to the back of your mind and say “let’s do this” is a sign of courage that everyone that you will be helping needs. Why Volunteer? The real question is, why not? Why not go out and directly help those in need? Why not put your own concerns to one side and think about the bigger picture? Why not do what you can to help make the world a better place? Those are the real questions that need to be asked. It takes a special person to say that they are willing to take themselves as far out of their comfort zone as possible – it’s certainly not for everyone – but for those that do, it’s something they never regret. Growth Not only are you doing something amazing for a worthwhile cause, but you are also growing as a person . There is no getting away from it; at times you will feel scared when you find yourself travelling on your own somewhere that you don’t know. The good thing is, though, is that you will come through it and you will grow more in the time that you spend away than you ever will sitting at home on your sofa. After your adventure, you will see the world in a different light. You will approach challenges with a fresh optimism and can-do attitude because you will know that, despite the hurdles you are faced with, you have already overcome so much more. When you have faced the challenges that you may have to contend with when in a third world country, and understand what locals have to contend with every day, you become a stronger and better person for it. How Can You Volunteer? Many charities constantly look for willing individuals to take on welfare and aid programs where they can spend anywhere between a few weeks and a few months abroad. One of the charities that has a number of opportunities open is Human Relief Foundation (HRF) – you can view what opportunities they have open by checking here: https://www.hrf.org.uk/volunteering-opportunities/ You may have to go through a number of checks before being accepted on a programme, but this is only to ensure that you are fit and capable of taking part in the placement. While you are not paid, you will, of course, be looked after during your placement period. Once in a Lifetime? Many describe such experience as being once in a lifetime, but that doesn’t have to be the case . There are in fact quite a few volunteers that take part in multiple placements as they enjoy they enjoy the experience, combining it with a love for travel. Volunteer and travel can go hand in hand, with many taking the opportunity to explore the sights of the country during days off. If you have often thought about combining travel with helping those in needs, then what are you waiting for? *This is a collaborative post* Share this:

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